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You’re ready to make those important changes in your life now, so please get in touch with me to find out how hypnotherapy can help you. You can call me on (01379) 770022 or contact me here.

After we’ve had a chat on the phone, and you’ve decided you’d like to go ahead and get the help you’d like, I’ll confirm the earliest available appointment(s) for you. My clinic is easily found in Cobbs Yard, in the historic Heritage Triangle in Diss.

Your first appointment will start with a full, confidential consultation and then you’ll have your first relaxing hypnotherapy session that’s been personalised to your particular needs. We’ll agree on exactly how I’m going to help you before you go into hypnosis.

Each session lasts up to a full 90 minutes.

Being in hypnosis is the most wonderful feeling, and isn’t at all scary. It’s impossible to get stuck in hypnosis in the same way that it’s impossible to get stuck in a daydream.

Emerging from hypnosis simply feels as though you’re waking up from the most wonderfully deep, relaxing sleep, and it takes just a few minutes to come back to a fully awake state. You’re welcome to a drink of water if you’d like one, and you’ll be fully awake and able to drive by the time you leave me.

Book Your Appointment

    Contact me on (01379) 770022 to book your appointment in Diss

    The phone is answered 24/7

    Appointments are available Monday to Saturday

    Payment can be made via cash or card