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Hypnosis can help you to end your weight loss struggle.

It’s one of the best ways to lose weight. 

Have you been asking yourself “How can I lose weight?” or “What are the best ways to lose weight?”

Hypnosis really can make it easier for you. You can have the body you desire and deserve. Forget the struggle, forget relying on willpower, and lose weight your way. The simple way. Hypnosis is one of the safest, most effective and simplest ways to lose weight, both now and for the long term.

You CAN lose weight

  • Imagine being able to lose weight naturally with no cravings or feelings of deprivation, and finally feeling in control around food.
  • Imagine being in deep relaxation, after which you naturally prefer smaller portions of healthier foods.
  • Imagine no more over eating, habit eating, comfort eating, boredom eating or binge eating.

With the help of your properly trained and experienced Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner and hypnosis, you can change any unhelpful eating habits you may have developed. For example, have you ever found yourself eating more than you need because:

  • you eat sweet or savoury snacks to make yourself feel better when you’re stressed, tired, bored or upset?
  • you mindlessly munch on snacks or drink alcohol in the evening when you’re relaxing and watching television?
  • you can’t resist getting “something nice” for yourself when you’re in the petrol station paying for your fuel?
  • you struggle to ignore the cheap offers in the supermarket?
  • you feel you deserve to treat yourself EVERY weekend because of the week you’ve had?
  • you feel pressured to eat more than you need whenever you’re with family or friends?
  • you have to buy crisps and snack bars for your family’s packed lunches, but they “call you” from the kitchen?
  • you find it difficult to leave the remainder of your meal on your plate once you’re full up? (99% of people seem to struggle with this one!)

If one or more of the above apply to you, hypnotherapy can help you to break that unhelpful behaviour so that you can begin to get the body you desire and deserve. Hypnosis is one of the safest and best ways to lose weight.

Personalised, private one-to-one weight loss sessions for you in Diss, Norfolk

A package of three weight loss sessions personalised just for you, helping you to discover how to lose weight that will enable you to get the body you desire and deserve:

  • Session one – helps you to enjoy smaller portions of healthier foods, and helps you to avoid temptations in the supermarket
  • Session two – helps you to be able to say “no” to unhelpful foods and drinks so that you are now in control around food, and helps you to end any emotional or habit eating
  • Session three – takes your mind a step further to ensure you have as long-lasting results as possible and you now know how to lose weight

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“The doubts I had regarding hypnosis have gone! I don’t know what you said or did but I can’t wait till next week! Money well spent. You know how doubtful I was! Thank you.”
Jemma G, Wymondham
Note: It’s not guaranteed that you will get the same results as this client


This will make your weight loss hypnotherapy sessions even more effective for you

Get the best possible help so that you can lose weight more easily. At you first session you’ll discover more about yourself (both inside and out) than you have ever previously known before. Armed with this information, you’ll be in a much better position to both begin and succeed with your weight loss. When you begin your weight loss hypnotherapy sessions you’ll probably already know how much you weigh, but you’ll also discover much more detailed information about yourself such as:

  • your weight (obviously!)
  • how much of you is fat and how much is lean muscle
  • whether you have a fast or slow metabolism
  • whether you have a healthy amount of stomach fat or whether you have a more dangerous amount
  • the minimum amount of calories you need to be eating each day (if you don’t eat enough, you won’t lose weight)
  • whether you’re hydrated enough
  • and other really useful stats too.

An example of the type of information you’ll receive at each session is below. It’s really motivating to see your stats improve with each session as you’re losing weight! Weight loss, weight loss Diss, how to lose weight Diss, weight loss hypnosis, weight loss hypnosis Diss

For £285 (payable by cash or card) you get:

  • 3 professional weight loss consultations
  • 3 full-length personalised hypnotherapy sessions
  • 3 weigh-ins on professional clinic scales with full print-out of your stats to take home and monitor your progress
  • 3 self-hypnosis lessons
  • Folder of useful weight loss information
  • Confidential personalised advice and guidance from your qualified and experienced Advanced Weight Loss Practitioner / Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist

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For One Of The Best Ways To Lose Weight

“Hypnosis Makes It Easy”

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