Want a better understanding of hypnosis?

• Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state. You won’t become unconscious. You’ll be guided into deep relaxation.

• Hypnosis is not sleep.

• You won’t be made to do anything you don’t want to do. You’ll be in complete control.

• You can’t get stuck in hypnosis, just like you can’t get stuck in a daydream.

• You won’t reveal any secrets to me.

• If you become aware of any sounds either indoors or outside, they won’t disturb you at all. In fact, they’ll help you to become even more relaxed.

• You’ll be completely aware of everything I say and do. Your awareness will become even more heightened than usual.

• Should there be an emergency that requires your attention, you’ll be able to emerge from hypnosis and deal with the problem immediately.

• Don’t expect to feel hypnotised. What you’ll feel is a state of deep relaxation.

• It’s not in the least bit scary!


Please note that hypnotherapists are not created equal, so please don’t choose your hypnotherapist based purely on the prices they charge.

There is no law in the UK that says a hypnotherapist must be qualified or receive any training at all, which means that anyone can set up in business as a hypnotherapist without ever having set foot in a classroom. There are correspondence courses online where it’s possible to get a certificate in hypnotherapy without the recipient ever having hypnotised anyone!

Please ensure that the hypnotherapist you choose is trained, qualified, insured and experienced. If they are, they will charge accordingly. Hypnotherapists usually charge lower prices if they’ve had poor training, lack experience, or have low confidence in their abilities.

I have had the best training available in both the UK and USA (I went to The University of London to train with a Harley Street practitioner. I’ve also trained with America’s top hypnotherapists), and I charge according to both that training and the results I get with my clients. If I’m not able to help you, I will be honest and say so, and if for any reason you’re unable to go into hypnosis when you’re with me (it’s very rare but it happens occasionally), then there will be nothing at all to pay – not even a consultation fee.