Hypnosis Makes It Easy…

Use your powerful mind and imagine that you’re laying back in a comfortable chair. Your eyes are closed and you’re being guided into a wonderful, deep state of relaxation. You know that when you emerge in just a few moments, your problem will no longer exist.

You hear a soothing voice asking you to imagine different scenarios in your mind and you’re only too pleased to go along with it.

You realise that you can let go of any fears, worries or problems you may previously have had, and know that this time spent will be both successful and beneficial for you. Or maybe you’d like to lose weight or stop smoking – they’re both so much easier with hypnosis.

Your mind floats contentedly as you feel the sensations of the wonderful, therapeutic hypnosis, and you’re aware that you remain in control of your mind throughout.

You emerge. You feel wonderful. You’re extremely pleased that you no longer have to worry about that old, unwanted problem now. It’s gone.

This is the wonderful world of hypnotherapy. And it’s yours to discover.



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UPDATE 1st January, 2015: My clinic is no longer based in Diss. Appointments are now available at my new clinic in the centre of Long Stratton, or at The Complementary Medicine Centre in Eye. Please call me on (01508) 500321 for details.